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What is the Most Fire Resistant Roofing Material?

What is the Most Fire Resistant Roofing Material? – Which One is Ideal?

Homeowners know and appreciate the role played by their roofs. The key role of a roof is to protect the occupants of the house from extreme weather elements. That is what most people consider to be the start and end of the duty of the roofing material. However, roofing materials serve a critical duty of preventing fire hazards. Now that you know this, what is the most fire resistant roofing material? 

What is the Most Fire Resistant Roofing Material?

This post will tell you about fire-resistant roofing materials. You will be taken through the various categories of these materials. Moreover, you will get a quick overview of the common roofing materials and know if they are fireproof or not for your residential roofing project

What is the Most Fire Resistant Roofing Material?

What is the Most Fire Resistant Roofing Material?

Various Classes of Fire Resistant Roofing Materials

Fireproof ratings are subdivided into three classes as follows:

  • Class A: This is the class that offers the best resistance to fire. Any flame will not spread beyond a distance of 6 feet. It can be in a fire zone for up to 4 hours and totally resist igniting. You can trust it to withstand 15 cycles of gas flame turned on consecutively. 
  • Class B: In medium fire circumstances, these materials will hold steady for up to 1 hour and not ignite. They also will not allow the flame to spread beyond 8 feet. Quite impressive is the fact that they can resist 8 cycles of gas flame turned on one after the other. 
  • Class C: These are materials that do not have the best defense against flames. The flames cannot spread beyond 13 feet and they can offer resistance to ignition for up to 20 minutes. While these materials are the most flammable class, they can take on 3 cycles of gas flames without igniting. 

Common roofing material and their fireproof ratings:

  • Clay tiles: They are termed as the safest roofing materials. If you have them installed well, they will achieve a class A fire rating. They also have the ability to dissipate heat very fast. Of course, clay tiles are quite expensive but they make up for that by giving you service for 30 or more years. 
  • Pressure-treated wooden shingles: you get unrivaled styling and warmth from wood shingles, but not so much fireproofing. You will have to keep an eye on your shingles since they need regular care and maintenance. 
  • Slate tiles: just like their clay cousins, slates are made of natural materials. With a good installation, these tiles will give you Class A fireproofing assurance. They are relatively thicker than clay tiles and that makes it harder for fire to penetrate. Thanks to their fireproof capabilities and durability, slate tiles are quite expensive. In return, they can be on your roof for 100 years without a single problem. 

Bottom Line 

To answer your question on what is the most fire resistant roofing material, it depends a lot with the installation and small aspects such as the underlayment that you choose to go with. All the same, slate tiles are considered to be a good option when you get better shield against fire hazards. Now pick your poison and make it your roof. You can then look into choosing a roofing contractor such as Texas Roof Systems so that you get the job done correctly.

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